Debbie Dunnick - Private Professional Piano Lessons
Piano Lessons - 35 years of teaching experience: 

Lakewood Ranch, 
Children and Adults
of All Ages
Debbie Dunnick
I call all my students "my kids" because they are not just a class list to me...
during my time with them they become a part of my heart!"

Proud member of the National Music Teacher's Association,
The Florida Music Teacher's Association, the Sarasota Music Teacher's Association and the Bradenton Music Teacher's Association.

Debbie Dunnick Piano Recital 2017
Debbie Dunnick Piano Recital 2016

Debbie Dunnick Piano
Debbie Dunnick Piano

Are you looking for private piano lessons in Lakewood Ranch, Sarasota or Bradenton for your child or yourself?
Whether the purpose of studying piano is pure pleasure or preparation for recitals, auditions and national tests, Debbie adapts her teaching method and curriculum according to the specific needs of each individual student. Solid piano technique and music foundation are provided to all students as necessary tools of expression. Creativity, musicianship and critical listening abilities are developed at all levels. Debbie believes in cultivating the natural abilities of her students in a nurturing environment and develops a respectful teacher/student relationship.
My students range in age from 6 years old to 87 years old!
Debbie earned a Bachelor of Music degree at the prestigious DePaul University School of Music in Chicago under the tutelage of Melody Lord and Mary Sauer. She has played for many different organizations in the Chicago, St. Louis and Sarasota/Bradenton areas and has previously won numerous State, National and International piano competitions.
Please email her at
or you can call her directly at 941-400-3524 OR 941-567-5969

WHY Should You Learn to Play the Piano?
Higher Test Scores
A 10 year study indicates that students who study music achieve higher test scores, regardless of socioeconomic background - Dr. James Catterall, UCLA
Enhances Creativity
Playing a musical instrument provides a medium for self-expression and creative problem-solving.
Builds Self-Confidence
Students who study music develop a life-long skill which fosters a sense of achievement and accomplishment...a factor for success in all areas of life.
Opens Friendships
Playing provides opportunities for relationships based on a shared interest.
Rewards Committment
Playing lets students experience the personal satisfaction from following through on a committment.
Develops Coordination
Playing a musical instrument strenghtens dexterity and develops the coordination of small and large motor skills.
Fun and Relaxing
The ability to play gives one a lifetime of personal enjoyment and the gift of being able to entertain others.
Brings Music to Your Home
Playing a musical instrument in your home adds another positive dimension to family life.
"The skills gained through sequential music instruction, including discipline and the ability to analyze, solve problems, communicate and work cooperatively, are vital for success in the 21st century workplace."

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